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Our mission is to increase your sales. That’s the “point.” Care about what you do, bring your skill, creativity, and experience every time, embrace challenges, and design and build point of purchase displays to delight both client and consumer. The way we work works, and we take pride and pleasure in offering you the most effective POP displays and a great experience as our valued client.

Wherever you’re making great products (and wherever you want to sell them), you will find Point dedicated to delivering quality and assuring you have the best experience working with our friendly and knowledgeable hands-on team.


Tendency of pop displays

According to the new statistics, pop displays still occupy forward in economy. The demand of marketing takes over 2% in GDP. Also huge market is the competitive industrial. As our company, we follow the step and grasp the opportunity to be pop displays supplier & manufacture .Pop displays are very popular in every aspect with the development of marketing. When we go shopping, pop displays attract many customer’s eyes. We take pride in our designing, which can help supermarkets increase their sales . Pop displays are also the advertisements on sale which puts on the counter to explain the price, original and so on. It differences from the displays cards. Pop displays must exhibit some goods, but the purpose of exhibition is to explain the contents of the commodity.