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Shopping Mall POP Of Introduction

Shanghai Younger Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2016

According to the display locations of classified and display the different ways to
POP advertising outside the particularity of the addition to the time, another characteristic is its shelf-space and on display. Exhibition locations and in different ways, will design the POP advertising has a big impact. From the exhibition location and displayed in different ways, advertising into the counter display POP POP POP POP, and the ceiling, wall surface, counter ground vertical POP POP and five categories.
POP advertising communications group
1. P0P store: is the shop's facial expressions, including signs, Windows, markers, etc. It often commodity kind or symbols convey the sense of personality characteristics and seasonal retail stores.
2. POP: effective visual effects using the shop space, and set up display units, display rack, stereo images, product information, and so on. Approximate eye level with the customer, is the focus of attracting customers ' attention.
3. POP wall: wall, glass doors, counter can be used, such as facades, paste flyer, Poster Flyer. To beautify the wall, billed as a main function of goods, attention to decoration and playing up the atmosphere.
4. Hanging POP: showing hanging down from the ceiling, moderate height. Such as: logos, mascots, flags, pledges language such as hanging flags. The breeze, causing all kinds of movement, from all angles, can directly draw attention to.
5. Shelf-POP: the effective gap merchandise shelves, set a small POP, such as price, refined product brochures, flyers, little mascot. Close read, "mandatory" customers receive product information.
6. Instructions POP: arrow-shaped signs containing raised attention, direction, inducing Visual communication of the meaning of elements. For example: segment sales field signage, such as service desk, shopping icons, shopping guide. To facilitate customers buying as the main objective.
7. Audio-Visual P0P: field of vision is more open place in the store recorded TV or large color screen, broadcast commercials, store image advertising, product introduction, or using in-store broadcasting system product information. Catch customer attention to dynamic picture and sound.
Full range of POP ads, for sale to create a full stereo system service situation and "married" the best atmosphere, can effectively stimulate customers potential purchases, triggered the final purchase.