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Product Showcase

Shanghai Younger Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2016

POP advertising is one of the two pillars of advertising media, which has a direct impact on product sales. From the perspective of functions and display should be focused on customers to buy goods before the attention, interest, desire, memory and other mental activities. In addition to color, text and design, and interior design elements reflect on the use of POP advertising functions, must meet the show, convey information, and sales of goods of the function; must have a personalized design and structure design.
Show container main for commodity of show, common in Mall electronic, and electrical, and mingyan, and wines, and pharmacy, and glasses, and process gift, and Crystal products, and hotel supplies, and culture supplies, and car supplies, and 4S shop cars, and plastic products, and cosmetics stores, and phone, and jewelry, and boutique, commodity of counters, appearance style beautiful, noble elegant, and has good of decorative effect, can full show out products of features, ordered products play extraordinary of charm.
Show container can also be equipped with a light box, both sides can be used fluorescent lamps, spotlights, Cabinet glass layer can be increased according to your actual needs less glass adjustable height.
Normally, mobile phones and other high-tech products, glass or white better, and porcelain and other products should choose wooden display rack, to highlight the products antique, floor rack should be selected to highlight the wood of the floor of the wooden features.
Display color white and transparent, and it is the mainstream choice, of course, holiday display select the red color, like a post new year's greeting card rack was dominated by red.