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POP Advertising Function

Shanghai Younger Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2016

Caring Communicator---pop ads
Because the product, size, structure and design of different pop advertisements to hanging and stacking, paste, place next to the aisle or any place in retail stores display, but regardless of how the forms, tips on how to, pop ads will never talk to consumers: are here! It is now! Buy it! Pop ads listed inside and outside the Mall, for operators who are dissemination of information, promotional merchandise, pay attention to the feelings and needs of consumers, and play the role of salesman, reducing the stores of extra costs in terms of human, financial.
As pop modern consumers ' spending habits in modern business and plays an important role:
1. to promote consumer impulse to increase the turnover of retail stores.
2. make into good interaction between consumers and retailers.
3. with the seasonal introduction suitable for festive pop ads.
4. the consumer credit for retail stores was impressed.
5. instead of the clerk product usage and features.
6. spread quickly, maneuver to show other strengths in other media cannot.
7. retail stores can make promotional merchandise pop advertising in time.
8. save human waste, reduce expenditure.
9. new Launch and advertising messages.
10. to attract the consumer's attention.
11. so that consumers have free choice of relaxed atmosphere.