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Classification Of Product Showcase

Shanghai Younger Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2016

Display styles can be divided into:
Floor display racks, magnetic display stand, desktop display, hanging display rack, special-shaped display, theme exhibitions, rotating display stand
According to the material can be divided into:
Cardboard display racks, metal display stand, acrylic display frames, composite display. titanium alloy display rack
Display stand can be classified by use:
Exhibition display stands, clothing display racks, food display, oil display racks, information display stand, jewelry display stands, promotional display, cosmetics display racks and so on.
Exhibition showcase
This show Cabinet of making and design requirements most precision, not only in making business to ensure as using most sophisticated of material, and design of requirements also will more high, this certainly and exhibition of nature is points not open of, because exhibition in the most obviously of a features is gathered has large of show merchant and large of user groups, so need can in tens of thousands of of merchant in the focused user, must in design aspects Xia some Kung Fu, including lights, and VI, and tones Zhijian of match,; And do exhibition business consider to exhibition nature will on stationed in businesses of show cabinet has must of material and security requirements, and to than stationed in Mall of showcase making requirements to more is a raised; exhibition showcase main for fair, and Shanghai fair, and Gallery, regions fair business of commodity show, to whole booth set do, according to products features, design and out of match of products exhibition frame, again plus has creative of LOGO signs, makes exhibition commodity can striking of show in public before, to increased on products of advertising publicity role.
Shop display cabinet
Mall show cabinet, store showcase,; this type of show cabinet requirements main from products starting, requirements showcase design must meet products and brand of VI image, and in tones, and led lamp, of match Shang meet user experience, main from beautiful, and space and displayed three a aspects to for design; and this classification Xia of show cabinet front material not like exhibition show cabinet so diversification, main is roast paint showcase, and stainless steel show frame, and glass showcase,, main process including woodworking, and paint,; jewelry exhibition frame
Processing of the display cabinet design emphasis on space, from interior design to showcase design and safety requirements will be higher, showcase production materials are more diverse and home display cabinets in the design fee will be higher than the store display cabinet, and of course the user requirements are also relevant.
Phone display stand widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, gifts, Crystal products, plastic products, factory showroom, Office of foreign trade company samples and other products, also available to the trade show and design style, making the product more highlights. Mobile display has attracted the attention and favor of customers, and so on.