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Pop advertising

Shanghai Younger Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2016

Because of the POP advertising has a high economic value, and its cost is not high, so, even though it originated in the supermarket, but equally suitable for general non-supermarket shopping malls, and even some small shops and other places of all merchandise sales. In other words, POP advertising for any form of commercial premises, has a role to attract more customers, promotional items, and create an environment. Meanwhile, for business and to improve product image and corporate image visibility role.

Is POP advertising has both the role of POP advertising also must have two corresponding way. The designer of POP advertising is extremely important.

One way, when POP advertising is only used to promote sales, when this way of advertising, mostly done by commodity operators. Specific store, mostly carried out by the salesperson or utility to operate, so are relatively rough, don't pay attention to quality, very casually, so as to form a large class of so-called hand-painted POP forms. As you often see on sale in the shop signs and so on. Way to bis, if the POP advertising rose to a product and corporate image advertising, and thus to promote sales, POP advertising design and production became a very serious matter, this type of advertising done by the enterprises themselves. The specific method is by the company's own advertising department and professional designers to design complete, completed or commissioned a professional advertising agency to Agency. Therefore, the quality of such advertising are generally fine for goods and the enterprise itself is quite specific, and mass production, and product sales on all links, extensive, large-scale promotional activities. Next we'll comes to be dominated by second POP ads. Of course, POP advertising, conducted by dealers, has also made a serious and delicate, especially those designed by shop-long POP advertising such as window POP, POP POP, but also as professional designers should consider the scope of. General high requirements for these ads, dealer only advertising company commissioned or decorative design.