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Non-retail packaging

Shanghai Younger Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2016

What are the retail packaging, non-retail packaging that is, manufacturers or wholesalers in the course of the transport of goods made in the packaging as well as wholesalers to carry goods packaging, belonged to non-retail packaging. Tacky, that is, in order to facilitate transport and mobile packages, such as some boxes filled with salt, nine bundles of carbonated drinks. A box of packets of instant noodles, these are non-retail package, or you can put it one way, is the main objective of the package is not for retail, you can call non-retail packaging
Retail, General called retail industry, we can first from literally up understanding, retail, is sales commodity of number less, trading times frequently, of mean, retail he and wholesale is relative of, wholesale is producers to lower of price sold brokers, brokers again on its for retail, and retail industry is whole sales circulation chain of most end, trading end Hou on will into consumption field.
Retail features
Retail is the life of the contact, and is sold to the final consumer or social groups of consumer goods and related services, all for use in its final consumption activities. Size small, high frequency of transactions. Impulse buying, and greatly influenced by emotion. Go shopping remains the customer's main way to shop.