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External POP, POP in the shop and display of live POP

Shanghai Younger Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2016

External POP is will this supermarket of inventory and by distribution of commodity told customer, and will customer introduced shop within of advertising; shop within POP is will supermarket of commodity situation, and shop within atmosphere, and specials products of type, and commodity of configuration places, business elements told consumers of advertising; displayed site POP advertising is in commodity near of show card, and price card and the classification advertising, they help customer made corresponding of purchase decision. Their respective functions and the situation is as follows:
External POP: specific types are: signs, flags, curtains, etc, there's main function is to tell customers and the type of merchandise sold in supermarkets, and notifies the customer is selling or manufacturing environment.
In-store POP: specific types are: store guide POP atmosphere, special POP, POP, vendor communications, advertising and so on. Main function is to tell the customer into the shop, a commodity where tell consumers is implementing special sale, and sale of content, making in-store atmosphere; communicate product information and manufacturer information.
Exhibition POP: specific types are: display cards, classified ads, price cards, and so on. Role is to tell the customer product quality characteristics, methods of use and vendor names to help customers select items tell customers advertising the position, size and price of the goods or recommended goods; tell the name of the customer product, quantity, price, so that consumers make buying decisions.

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