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Characteristics of retail packaging

Shanghai Younger Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2016

Packaging identifies specific
Used by individual consumers for limited understanding characteristics of the goods, so retail will have instructions on the package, and in order to guarantee the security and prevent potential security risks or accidents, safety instructions marked on the label and indicate the date of manufacture and the date of expiration (if foreign-language identity, will have labels on the products);
In order for consumers to remember and agree with the manufacturer's products, and quality problems encountered when using the product after the feedback or complaints, will be printed on the retail packaging brand, country of origin, the name and address of the manufacturer and Distributor, etc.

Beautifully packaged and personalized design
Because individual consumers when purchasing similar goods randomly, so retail packaged goods cheaper than wholesale goods higher packaging costs, manufacturers will be packaged as possible, so as to tempt consumers to buy;
Retail goods are typically for individuals to buy, so goods wholesale goods small in size, lighter weight, and will be easy to carry handle and other user-friendly design.

Limitation of use limitations of object determines the amount of packaging
With individuals or families as units of goods, due to the limitation of number of users, and suppliers taking into account factors such as duration of use and shelf-life of the product, so retail packaging of goods for small packaging, finished to use shelf life energy products.